We live in a strange world. A world that seems to want to be unfair to all. Come to think of it, doesn't that make it fair to all? It isn't necessarily favouring anyone, is it? Some may argue that it favours the rich, or the good looking, or maybe even those blessed with a [...]


The Lab Rat

William Jorgensen was tied to a foldable steel seat in the middle of a vast empty dark room. There was some light that streamed from the only window that was available, but he was too far from it to be able to tell where he was or even call for help. He was heaving and [...]

The ZUtA Pocket Printer

The future is here with the portable pocket printer. It is exciting to have a printer that you can carry anywhere and print a document from anywhere. It connects via Wi-Fi and works with any computer, tablet or smartphone. In order for one to print a document, one has to simply align the Zuta with [...]

A Golden Era

I give to Caesar what belongs to him and to appease him I give a surplus to Zacchaeus at every road block just enough to avoid any trouble   There is a lot of progress... I believe every word they say My son is still in standard one The fourth time. anxiously waiting for the [...]