The ZUtA Pocket Printer

The future is here with the portable pocket printer. It is exciting to have a printer that you can carry anywhere and print a document from anywhere.


It connects via Wi-Fi and works with any computer, tablet or smartphone. In order for one to print a document, one has to simply align the Zuta with the paper by placing it at the top left corner of the page. Once it’s set up, you can use the Zuta app to print whatever documents you’d like. The robotic printer chugs along, relatively quietly, from left to right and, depending on what you’re printing, can take awhile.

It may seem to be unrealistic but they are actually there and are efficient, unlike the old school laser-jet and the rest of its crew. It is an incredible piece of tech that is worth every penny.



The Black Widow


She killed him

He thought she was a gift from God

that holy devil

Blinded by the size of her curves

The crimson red lipstick

Her short seductive skirt

long unblemished legs

And the oldest trick in the book

the bewitching smile.

As a wolf camouflages in sheep skin

the devil is obviously devious

Creeps, looking like any creature he desires

I agree, the fault was never his

And or man is to error

She caught him off-guard

Provoked! That ravishing rump, he couldn’t deny it

As a man’s spirit is weak when tempted

He fell into succubus’ snare

the maverick

A Golden Era

00220304f9cd886a0efa67eed3cdd5fb406ea923arc614x376w614us1I give to Caesar what belongs to him

and to appease him

I give a surplus to Zacchaeus

at every road block

just enough to avoid any trouble


There is a lot of progress…

I believe every word they say

My son is still in standard one

The fourth time.

anxiously waiting for the laptops


The economy is fine…

They know better than I

They borrowed some peanuts from IMF

Now my unborn daughter already owes them…

Not to worry,

they will forever be indebted to her contribution in building the nation.


the maverick